A Minion and a Train Conductor – Middle TN Photographer

by Joanna @ Southern Daisy on November 10, 2015

After almost a year after my last blog post, I’m finally back!  The boys are now 3.5 years and 21 months old, and are the best of friends.  This year was their first official year of trick or treating on Halloween, and they had a blast!  Grayson led the way through our neighborhood, saying “This way!” as he would direct us to the next house on our street.  Oliver trailed behind saying “More teetee (candy)!”  Thankfully, even though the weather forecasted rain all night, it stopped long enough for us to trick or treat around our entire neighborhood.  Needless to say, we had some very happy (and hyper) boys after collecting all that candy — of which I’m still trying to keep hidden.

A couple days before Halloween, I decided to take the boys to the park and do a mini photo shoot in their costumes.  Grayson wanted to be a minion (Despicable Me) and Oliver loves trains, so I decided that he would be a train conductor.  I made Grayson’s hat, and found his minion jacket at Kohl’s, which worked out perfectly!  You can find Oliver’s train conductor costume on Amazon.  So without further ado, here are some of the photos from their costume photo shoot.

Halloween Costume Photo Shoot

Minion Costume

Train Conductor Costume

Train Conductor Costume

Minion Costume

Minion Costume

Train Conductor Costume

Halloween Costume Photo Shoot


Twin Baby Girls {Hannah & Abbey}

by Joanna @ Southern Daisy on January 12, 2015

I had the pleasure of photographing many newborns this past year — mostly girls!  Two little baby girls in particular were very special to me, because they are the daughters of my college roommate.  Bethany and her husband Chris have four other children, in addition to little Hannah and Abbey, and I was delighted when she asked if I would photograph her precious new girls.

College RoommatesHere we are as college roommates.

Bethany's Wedding

I was even a bridesmaid in her wedding!

Newborn Twin Girls

This first picture is my pride and joy!  These girls were already two months old when they came into my studio, so it was very difficult to get them to stay asleep during the session.  This is the only picture that Hannah (on the right) was asleep for.

Baby born with spina bifida

The girls were born three weeks early and spent a little time in the NICU before going home.  Abbey was born with a fairly severe case of spina bifida, and needed surgery to close her back soon after birth.  She also had a shunt placed behind her right ear to drain fluid from her brain, caused by hydrocephalus.

Newborn Baby Girl Photography

You would never know what she has gone through in her little life by her personality, though.  Abbey is the sweetest little girl, and slept like a dream throughout most of the session!  And would you just look at those gorgeous eyelashes?!

Newborn Twin Photography

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these precious little girls.


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